Ron Grunewald Obituary, A Member Of Zion & Peace Lutheran Parish Has Passed Away

Ron Grunewald Obituary, Death– My deepest condolences go out to the Grunewald family…it has been an honor to get to know Ron over the course of the past year. My heart aches for his family, and I pray that they will find some measure of solace and calm in this difficult time. Because Ron possessed the most genuine faith, knowing that he is now resting in the arms of Jesus brings me great peace. It is with a heavy heart that we share the news that Ron Grunewald has passed away and gone to be with the Lord.

Funeral services are still being planned, and an obituary will be published here as soon as it is ready. Bless those who are in mourning, everlasting God, with the consolation that comes from your love so that they may face each new day with hope and the assurance that nothing can take away the good that has been given to them. I pray that their recollections bring them happiness. However, at this time, funeral arrangements are still in the process of being planned out, thus an obituary will be put on this page as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

They may be able to greet each new day with an upbeat attitude and the assurance that the excellent things that have been bestowed upon them cannot be taken away by anyone. Please, God, who is forever, console those who are suffering from grief with the consolation that derives from your love so that they may face each new day with these things in their hearts. Those who are suffering need to know that they are loved by you. Those who are having difficulty should be gifted with this while they are in a position where they need it.

It is conceivable that your love will always encircle their lives, and it is possible that their thoughts will always be full of happiness as a result of their days being enhanced with friendship and their lives being encircled by your love. Both of these possibilities are feasible. They might never be alone since there will always be someone else there with them. It is possible that this will always be the case. It’s feasible that they’ll have someone at their side for the whole of their lives, even if it’s just one other person.