Ross Sellers Obituary, Identification of Dead Bicyclist at Cross

Ross Sellers Obituary, Death- The identity of the motorcyclist who died away after being involved in an accident in the Cross region on Friday evening was able to be established by the Berkeley County Coroner’s Office thanks to the investigation that was conducted. The incident was the cause of the collision, which was the result of the motorbike getting into an accident that it was engaged in.

There is a strong possibility that the occurrence in question took place somewhere in the Cross region. The deceased motorcyclist was unmistakably recognized as Ross Sellers by the Chief Deputy of the Cross County Coroner’s Office, Kelly Kraus. The Cross County Coroner’s Office was able to provide this identification so that it could be made. After reaching the age of 46, Ross Sellers settled down in the neighborhood of Cross as his permanent residence.

Kraus was able to arrive at this conclusion after conducting an in-depth investigation into the matter. The South Carolina Highway Patrol has provided their best guess as to when the incident took place, and it is believed that it occurred at 8:45 in the evening. The claims that were brought up by SCHP master trooper Bolt state that the acts of Sellers were responsible for the destruction of the 2009 Harley Davidson motorbike that belonged to Brandon J. Bolt.

Kraus argues that medical personnel who were there at the time of the collision and subsequently proclaimed him dead at the scene of the accident soon after it took place. At no point in time was it necessary to utilize any other mode of transportation because doing so was not required in any manner, shape, or form. The investigation into the incident will be carried out by the South Carolina Highway Patrol, which is the governmental organization in the state of South Carolina that has been designated to carry out the investigation.