Roy Lineberry Obituary, A Deputy Of Henry County Sheriff’s Office Has Died

Roy Lineberry Obituary, Death– Roy Lineberry, Deputy Chief, The Henry County Sheriff’s Office shares the news of the loss of Henry County Deputy Roy Lineberry with a heavy heart. Deputy Lineberry has served the county for many years. On June 29, 2023, Deputy Lineberry lost his fight against cancer at his home, where he was comforted by his family as he passed away. Even though he was receiving treatment, Deputy Lineberry never stopped serving the people of Henry County because of how committed he was to the area. Beginning in January 2017 and continuing until May 2021, Deputy Lineberry served as an Auxiliary Deputy with the Henry County Sheriff’s Office. This was the beginning of his career. After that, in June of 2021, Roy started working full-time for the sheriff’s office, where he remained until April of 2023 when he retired.

During the period that Roy was employed by the Henry County Sheriff’s Office, he had positions in the Corrections Division, the Court Security Division, and the Inmate Workforce Division. Roy formerly worked for the Martinsville Sheriff’s Office and provided service to the people of Martinsville before beginning his career with the Henry County Sheriff’s Office. It was rewarding for Deputy Lineberry to work not just with his fellow deputies but also with his workers, providing guidance and building relationships with the goal of making people’s lives in the Henry County community better. Deputy Lineberry will be remembered for his unselfish service and his commitment to his fellow deputies, residents, and convicts throughout his career.

He will also be considered a role model and an example of professionalism in our agency for the foreseeable future. In addition to his wife, daughter, and sons, Deputy Roy Lineberry is survived by a large number of friends and co-workers. During this trying time, we ask that you continue to keep the Lineberry family in your thoughts and prayers.Roy was a good friend, and it was a joy to spend time with him at any time. He has always placed a high level of pride and commitment in both his physical condition and the tasks that he has finished. I appreciated the fact that Roy would never hold back his opinions, regardless of who they were directed against.

When Roy would go out into our neighborhood and start a work force project, he would take a tremendous deal of delight in making certain that the task was completed to the highest possible standard. When Roy finished a project, he would frequently email me images of it so that he could show off his work, and his creations were always worthy of being shown off. In addition to his duties as a Deputy Sheriff, Roy was a devoted family man who cherished the relationships he shared with his wife and children. We will do all in our power to keep your memories intact. I pray that you find eternal rest.