Sarah Sawyer Obituary, Hinton WV, Sarah Sawyer Has Died

Sarah Sawyer Obituary, Death- I don’t think any of us will ever find the words to adequately describe how we feel right now. No one here, including myself, can explain what caused this. Sarah Sawyer, you are greatly missed and were a wonderful mother. You all were overjoyed to have a boy join your family.

As Caleb and the girls go out on this wild adventure without you, I know you’re up in heaven cuddling that boy and preparing to lead the way. They will never forget how much you cherished them or how wonderful a mother you were to them. You are greatly missed and loved by us. Look after that adorable little boy for me, please. I don’t believe there is a way to articulate our emotions. I don’t think we’ll ever be able to find the words to describe how we feel about each other. No one here, including myself, can offer a satisfactory explanation for why this happened. Everyone who knew and loved Sarah Sawyer agrees that she was a fantastic mother to her children.

During this time of loss, please know that your family is in our prayers. You have a sizable number of devoted followers. Everyone was getting ready to meet the newest little guy who had just been introduced into this wild world. You’re probably up there, holding that boy close as you prepare to help Caleb and the girls manage this crazy journey without you.

They can’t do it without you; they need your help. They will always remember how much you cared for them and what a wonderful mother you were to them. They’ll always remember these two events in particular. For the rest of their life, they will remember both of these events vividly. These two events will remain firmly fixed in their minds and hearts, never to be forgotten. We hope you’ll always remember how much your loved ones miss you and cherish the time they had with you. Please take care of that sweet little child for us in heaven.