Shooting In Holyoke MA, Holyoke Police Investigating Deadly Appleton Street Shooting

Shooting In Holyoke MA – On Friday, a man was fatally shot while walking along a busy roadway in Holyoke. His tragedy occurred in broad daylight. On Friday morning, just before 9:30 a.m., Holyoke police responded to multiple reports reporting gunshots fired on Appleton Street. They responded promptly due to the proximity of the police department to the scene of the incident. When the police came, they discovered an adult male victim suffering from a gunshot wound resting on the pavement.

The victim was unconscious. It was determined that he had passed away at the site. Bullets that were found on the ground were marked by investigators. Even a car sitting in the parking lot of a nearby McDonald’s, which is just across from where the victim was discovered, was struck by one of the bullets. Western Mass News attempted to get a response from various city officials. Holyoke Mayor Joshua Garcia issued a statement that included the following in part:

“We are filled with profound sorrow over the needless loss of life that occurred earlier this morning on Appleton Street. The place we are in is not Holyoke. Our city police, together with the assistance of the Sheriff’s Department and the State Police, have been present at the scene throughout the morning and are continuing their investigation. Every single day, the well-being of our community is one of the primary concerns on my mind, and I have not wavered in my determination to make maintaining public safety a primary focus. According to Holyoke Police Lieutenant John Monaghan, there are no suspects at this time. This information was provided to Western Mass News. Detectives from the Holyoke Police Department and the state police who are working with the Hampden District Attorney’s Office are conducting the investigation.