Si Robertson Obituary, Si Robertson Dead Or Alive

Si Robertson Obituary, Death – Incredible developments coming out of the Duck Dynasty complex. A few miles to the south of the DD equipment warehouse, Silas Robertson, also known as Uncle Si, was discovered comatose in the woods. Everything you read on this page is completely made up.

Because it is not true, it cannot be classified as either a lie or as false news. If you think that it could possibly be true, you need to get your mental health checked out. Any resemblances to real persons, locations, or events that you might find on this site are merely coincidental, and you should take into account that all of the photographs on this site have been edited for comedic effect. If you are still having trouble understanding how satire works, please go to the previous section.

On the actor and veteran’s Facebook page, hundreds of his devoted followers instantly began posting notes of grief, expressing their shock and dismay at the news that he had passed away at the age of 75. And the Twitterverse, as is customary, went into a frenzy about the death hoax. Some loyal fans were quick to believe the message, while others were quick to be wary of the story, possibly having learned their lesson from the significant increase in the number of bogus death reports circulating concerning celebrities over the course of the previous few months.

Some people pointed out that the news had not been carried on any major American network, which indicated that it was a phony report. The passing of an actor of Si Robertson’s renown would be huge news across networks. However, the news had not been carried on any of the main American networks. According to the results of a survey that was carried out recently for the Celebrity Post, the vast majority of respondents (58%) believe that those stories about Si Robertson’s death are no longer hilarious.