Thomas Feick Obituary, Thomas Feick Died At 48

Thomas Feick Obituary, Death- Judy Pleskonko, who is currently serving as the Chief Deputy Coroner for Centre County, was the one who broke the news to the county’s officials that three members of the same family had been found dead in Porter County, Indiana. Judy Pleskonko was the one who informed everyone else about the situation.

It was revealed in a news release that was distributed on June 20 by the deputy coroner that each of the deceased had lost their life as a result of a multiple-car accident that had taken place earlier that day. The accident had taken place earlier in the day. This public notification was made by the deputy coroner in charge of the case. The collision that took place on Interstate 80 in Boggs Township between the communities of Milesburg and Bellefonte on that day was what served as the impetus for the incident that took place later that day.

The crash occurred in the region that is occupied by the two cities. Thomas R. Feick, age 48, his wife Catherine S. Feick, age 49, and their son Derek T. Feick, age 20, have all departed this life as a direct result of the injuries that they experienced. The findings of the autopsy that was performed on the 21st of June revealed that blunt force trauma was the underlying cause of death in all three of the people who were studied. These findings were disclosed by the fact that the autopsy was performed. The results of the autopsy led to this conclusion being drawn about the situation. It would indicate that a sad accident was the principal cause of death for the individual before they died away, and it would allude to the fact that the person passed away.