Two People Killed In Triple Shooting, Thomas Brown, 28-year-old, and Cara Brown, 52-year-old

Thomas Brown and Bara Brown Obituary, Death – Two of the people who were killed in the triple homicide that occurred in Tulsa on Monday morning have been recognized by the law enforcement officers who are investigating the case. Both of the victims have been determined to be men by the authorities. An incident involving gunfire took place early on Monday morning at the residence shared by Thomas Lee Brown, age 28, and Cara Brown, age 52.

Their residence was located very near to the crossroads formed by Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and North 29th Street. Cara Brown and Thomas Lee Brown both suffered fatal gunshot wounds and died. The third person who passed away was a male, but we are unable to identify him at this time due to the fact that his identification has not been established. According to the statements made by the police, Thomas Brown was meant to be the victim of the crime.

A neighbor called the police on Monday morning about 1:45 in the morning and reported hearing yelling and screaming prior to the sound of gunfire coming from the home. This led to the police being called to the location. Before the sound of gunfire could be heard, there was a lot of yelling and screaming. However, it did appear as though someone was searching for something inside the house, which was reported by the investigators even though there were no traces of a struggle or a forced entrance into the family.

After searching the entire home, the investigators discovered three of the murdered victims in the room located in the back of the property. Three of the five people who were killed as a result of violent crime in 2017 were found to have been killed in the city of Tulsa. You can get in touch with Crime Stoppers by calling the following number: (918) 596-COPS. Anyone who believes they may have information should get in touch with us as soon as possible.