Virginia Pedral Obituary, Retired Employee Of QSU Cabarroguis Campus Has Died

Virginia Pedral Obituary, Death – The passing of Mrs. Virginia R. Pedral, who had worked at the university in the past but had since retired from her position there, has caused the family that resides on the QSU Cabarroguis Campus to fall into a deep state of sorrow as a result of the tragedy. Mrs. Virginia R. Pedral had been employed at the institution for a significant amount of time prior to her decision to enter retirement.

Mrs. Pedral had been employed at the school for a number of years, but in the end, she came to the conclusion that it would be better for her to quit so that she could focus her time and effort on pursuing other interests. Mrs. Pedral was given the endearing nick name “Nanay Virgie” as a result of the common belief that she filled the role of a mother figure in the lives of a great number of people.

This led to the nick name being given to Mrs. Pedral. This resulted in Mrs. Pedral being given the endearing nickname as a result of what happened. We pledge that the beautiful days we shared with you, Nanay, will remain etched in our memories forever… You will never lose the one-of-a-kind place in our hearts that we will find a way to carve out just for you, and that place will always be reserved for you.